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Main Concepts
- Yin and Yang
- The 5 Elements
- Wu Wei / nothingness
- Chi - the vital energy

Background & History:
- History of Taoism
- Main characters & texts
- Religious Taoism
- Modern Interpretations

The Taoist Arts:
Martial Arts
T'ai Chi
Medicine / Diet

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What Is Taoism?

Taoism is an ancient Chinese Philosophy. Many thousands of years old, it predates most Western religions and philosophical systems, and still has an enormous influence on the Chinese nation. Its popularity is growing outside of China as Westerners look for meaning outside of their own cultures.

What do Taoists Believe?

Hard to say, as Taoism encompasses many ideas and there are many interpretations of what it means to be a Taoist. What all Taoists have in common is that they follow 'The Way' or Tao. This means living in harmony with nature, not going against it. The image of water is often used, as water is the softest thing, yet there is nothing that it cannot penetrate. Always seeking to avoid struggles and conflict, Taoists try to observe and follow the flow of life.

Taoists also follow the principles of Yin and Yang, for everything in the universe is single whole, but composed of opposites. Taoists avoid the extremes and attempt to balance yin and yang in everything they do.

What do Taoists Do?

Lots of things. For the most part they're just normal people doing normal things. The ancient Taoists tended to be hermits who lived 'outside' of society, these days Taoism appeals to all kinds of people. Modern day Taoists are often interested in health and well-being, so may practice T'ai Chi, Chi Gung or Kung Fu, or may know about Herbalism or Complementary Medicine (often Traditional Chinese Medicine.) Many are interested in Astrology, Meditation, Yoga or some other kinds of spiritual discipline.

There are no hard and fast rules, though, there is nothing that one needs to 'do' in order to be Taoist, except follow the Tao.

What about this Site?

My aim with this site is to introduce Taoism, give a brief history and background, and explain the main concepts behind the philosophy. In addition I have included information about what I consider to be 'typical' Taoist Arts. Hopefully the site will answer a few basic questions and act as a springboard for further investigation.

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