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Main Concepts
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- The 5 Elements
- Wu Wei / nothingness
- Chi - the vital energy

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The Taoist Arts:
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Yin Yang

Section 1 - Taoist Philosophy

The Tao of PoohThe Tao of Pooh - Benjamin Hoff; Paperback.

Hoff illustrates Taoist thought with extracts from the Winnie the Pooh. This book has now become a classic introduction to Taoism, and is both entertaining and extremely informative. Written in a light, easy to read way, it is the ideal first introduction to Taoism, and comes highly recommended.

The Te of PigletThe Te of Piglet - Benjamin Hoff; Paperback

This companion book to The Tao Of Pooh. It goes into more detail about the specifics of 'te' which is often translated as 'virtue' but has more to do with being true to yourself and not struggling against the tide. Particular emphasis is given to the problems one might encounter on the Taoist path. Hoff does take a rather judgemental viewpoint at times which detracts from the book a little, but it remains a useful and fun read.

The Te of PigletThe Tao of Pooh and the Te of Piglet - Benjamin Hoff; Paperback

Both of the above in one book. A lovely gift.


Chronicles of TaoThe Chronicles of Tao : The Secret Life of a Taoist Master - Deng Ming-Dao; Paperback

The true story of Kwan Saihung, a boy born into a rich Chinese family, who leaves behind his riches for the strict life of a Taoist Monk. Eventually leaving the mountain temple of his master he travels to America where he attempts to understand a culture very different to his own. Full of insight into the Taoist path, and an excellent story in its own right.

Seven Taoist MastersSeven Taoist Masters - Eva Wong (trans.); Paperback

A Chinese folk story by an unknown author, telling the tale of 7 students of Taoism seeking enlightenment. Written in a traditional style, with plenty of interesting points on Taoist philosophy and practice.

365 tao365 Tao - Deng Ming Dao; Paperback

A one page Taoist meditation for each day of the year. Each has a short poem followed by a brief discussion. Topics vary from the everyday to the profound. You can either dip in and out as you fancy, or read the meditation recommended for the particular day of the year. Highly recommended.

Chuang TzuThe Writings of Chuang Tzu - Martin Palmer (editor)

A great and widely available translation of the classic writings of Chuang Tzu - a number of proverb like stories that illustrate taoist thought and practices.

Opening The Dragon Gate - Chen Kaiguo & Zheng Shunchao

The true story of the training of Wang Liping, a modern Taoist Master. Loads of detail of his training and the highest level of Taoist achievements. Wang was taken as a boy by 3 old Taoist masters looking for a disciple, and is now the authorised transmitter of the Dragon Gate school of Taoism. A truly amazing story.


Yin Yang

Section 2 - Taoist Arts and Related Topics

Tai Chi Chuan - Sifu Raymond Rand; Paperback

A good introductory book. Sifu Rand practices Yang style Tai Chi (a very common style) but his excellent discussion and training tips apply to most other styles as well.  

Grow Your Own Drugs - James Wong; Hardback

This is the accompanying book to the BBC2 show of the same name in which ethnobotanist Wong teaches us how to use common plahts from the hedgerow or back garden to treat common complaints.

This hardback book has lots of lovely photos, and over 60 recipes He covers a wide range, from a chilli and peppermint salve for arthritis, to wild plantain cream for insect bites and stings, via echinacea throat spray and valerian hot chocolate! The second half of the book is given over to Wongs top 100 medicinal plants, with tips on identifying, harvesting, growing and using as appropriate.

The DVD of the series is also available

The Holistic HerbalThe Complete Illustrated Holistic Herbal - David Hoffmann; Paperback

An excellent guide to the use of Western herbs for medicinal purposes. Individual actions of a large selection of herbs is given and suggested recipies for common conditions. Lovely illustration throughout.

The Ancient Wisdom Of Chinese Tonic Herbs - Ron Teeguarden

The tonic herbs are those considered most safe and useful for the general population, and Teeguarden here describes his 22 favourites in detail. Each herb has a number of pages devoted to its effects and uses, how to take it, and what to look for when purchasing.

The book is an excellent introduction to the topic with enough info to start trying some herbs yourself if you choose to. It is written for the layperson in an easy to read style, and although a little Chinese medicine knowledge would help, it is not necessary.

Healing with wholefoodsHealing with Whole Foods - Paul Pitchford

A hugely detailed book combining 'Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition'. Covering every aspect of nutrition from ancient Chinese and modern scientific viewpoints, with sections on the 5 elements, actions of individual foods and lots of recipes. Essential for anyone interested in diet.

The Way of the Warrior - Chris Crudelli; Hardback

Way Of The Warrior is a kind of encyclopedia of martial arts. It's divided into regions of the world, with details of the traditional and modern martial arts practiced in that region. Everything is covered, from ancient shaolin kung fu to modern arts such as the French Parkour and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

But this is much more than a book of facts - it is also a gorgeous 'coffee table' kind of book with loads of photos, which makes it a delight to pick and flick through. If you're interested in martial arts, this is pretty much a must have!

Recipes for Self Healing - Daverick Leggetter; Paperback

A wonderful book of Chinese food energetics. Plenty of information about individual Chinese disease syndromes and how to eat appropriately for each one. Loads of recipes, with the energetics of each explained in detail. An ideal companion to the book below.

Helping Ourselves - Daverick Leggetter; Paperback

The most accessible book on Chinese food energetics. A slim volume, with very detailed charts that give a full breakdown of the energetics and properties of hundreds of common (Western) foods. Extremely useful, especially in combination with the book above.

The Yellow Emperor's CannonThe Yellow Emperor's Medicine Classic (Nei Ching) - Iiza Veith (trans.); Paperback

The classic text on Chinese Medicine, still in use today. A highly detailed text that contains everything you might need to know about Chinese Medical Theory. Heavy going, and not recommended for the beginner! (see below)

The Web that Has No WeaverThe Web That Has No WeaverT J Kaptchuk

A fantastic beginners guide to Chinese medicine. The author clearly knows his stuff, and puts across the basic theory, as well as more detailed material, in a clear and accessible manner. Covers yin/yang theory, diagnosis methods, meridians and organs, the ‘8 classifications’ and much more. Highly recommended.

Foundations of Chinese MedicineThe Foundations Of Chinese Medicine - Giovanni Maciocia

For the more serious student of Chinese Medicine, this is an immensely detailed text book covering all aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine theory in great depth. Covers 5 elements thoery, 8 classifications, detailed decriptions of the energy meridian system and locations and uses of points. Excellent.

E is for AdditivesE is for Additives - Maurice Hanssen; Paperback

A thorough and well written guide to artificial food additives. Gives common uses and potential side-effects. Excellent.

Chinese HororscopesThe Handbook Of Chinese Horoscopes - Theodora Lau; Paperback

A really interesting and detailed book. Talks about the influence of the elements, detailed descriptions of the 12 animal signs, characteristics of different years, and compatibility between signs.

Organic bible The Organic Gardening Bible - Bob Flowerdew, Hardback

A superb introduction to organic gardening, with a good explanation of organic principles and detailed information on how to go about putting them into practice yourself. Well written and very informative.

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